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5G MEDIA2GO is aimed at offering users access to attractive media content and services while in a car or public transport. The combination of linear and nonlinear content on the integrated infotainment system of contemporary cars marks an important step in this direction. 

Our Impacts

Main takeaways and impacts from the webinar on 3GPP Release 18 for industry verticals co-hosted by Market Representation Partners: 5G-IA, 5GAA, 5G-ACIA and PSCE with insights from 3GPP TSG chairmen to support market sectors in contributing to 5G standardisation. The webinar was the 4th in the 2020 series, bringing together 440 professionals from verticals and the telecom industry from 22 countries in Europe and 22 countries worldwide. 

Our Impacts

Hans van der Veen, NEC Labs Europe and Member of the 5G-IA Pre-Standardization WG reports on the RAN Plenary in December 2020, including changes that have taken place since the last plenary in September. 


Rel-16 Planning (aka 5G Phase 2)

Stage 1: frozen December 2018 without exceptions

Stage 2: frozen June 2019 with exceptions; all remaining Stage 2 work was completed by March 2020

RAN1: frozen December 2019

A 2-day virtual event on useful, usable, trustworthy Artificial Intelligence systems for PPDR; Cybersecurity and Resilience; Climate Emergency; New Space Applications with insights from 3GPP on standardisation for new space applications. 

Meetings and Events


News publishes white paper: How Europe can accelerate network densification for the 5G ERA has published its White Paper entitled “How Europe can accelerate network densification for the 5G Era”.

Cloudscape Brazil 2019 – Position Papers from, To-Euro 5G and NetWorld2020 SME Working Group

Cloudscape Brazil 2019 aims to become the playground for EU-BR initiatives drving innovation in ICT through collaborative work between outstanding research institutes, large enterprises and SMEs.