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This use case focuses on:

  • Localization and network management for education: Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR), which have stringent location accuracy and latency requirements
  •  Integration of the OTE cloud infrastructure with the physical deployment site of an LTE network and WiFi/UWB technologies provided by the University of Málaga
  • Network optimization and failure management


Type of Experiment:

News publishes white paper: How Europe can accelerate network densification for the 5G ERA has published its White Paper entitled “How Europe can accelerate network densification for the 5G Era”.

Cloudscape Brazil 2019 – Position Papers from, To-Euro 5G and NetWorld2020 SME Working Group

Cloudscape Brazil 2019 aims to become the playground for EU-BR initiatives drving innovation in ICT through collaborative work between outstanding research institutes, large enterprises and SMEs.