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Webinar on 20 April 2021, 15:30 CEST on Edge Computing - Industry Vertical Viewpoints brings together a superb line-up of panellists from across the globe sharing their expertise and knowledge from diverse perspectives. 

Leonardo Gomes Baltar, Intel Deutschland GmbH and 5GAA

Dr.-Ing Leonardo Gomes Baltar is Senior Standards and Research Engineer at Intel Deutschland for next generation of wireless technologies. He serves as Vice-chairman of 5G Automotive Association (5GAA) Working Group 1 on use cases and requirements and lead of MEC4AUTO Working Item on Edge Computing for Automotive Services. He is also delegate and contributor to ETSI Technical Committee Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) and contributor to 3GPP. He has a PhD in Eltrical Electronics and Communications Engineering from Technical University Munich. 

During the webinar, Leonardo shares insights from work on edge computing within 5GAA, spanning use case selection, deployment options, key requirements, go-to-market strategies and demonstration plans. 


Samita Chakrabarti, Verizon Technical Lead at 5G-ACIA

Samita works as a Standards Architect at Technology Strategy and Planning group, Verizon. She leads Industrial IoT standards vertical; she is Verizon’s lead technical delegate at 5G-ACIA and GSMA IoT Manufacturing. Her primary work interest areas are 5G Private networks, Industrial 5G/IoT services, architecture and standards evolution with Edge computing and AI.  

She has worked in the Internet Industry for many years in various R&D roles from Software development to Technology Architecture and Strategic Innovations. Before joining Verizon, she worked at Ericsson developing end-to-end architecture for IoT Edge computing. Samita co-chaired IETF 6lo Working group from 2013 to 2018 and currently co-chairing IOT-Directorate group at IETF. She holds a MS in Computer Science from State University in New York at Albany, USA. During the webinar, Samita talks about the applicability of 5G industrial edge Computing at the 5G Alliance for Connected Industry and Automation (5G-ACIA). 


Nurit Sprecher, Nokia and ETSI ISG MEC and ISG ZSM

At Nokia, Nurit Sprecher leads the company’s standardisation strategy and activities in the areas of management, virtualisation and application enablement and is a distinguished member of the Nokia technical committee. Nurit initiated and drove the industry effort to set up the ETSI ISG MEC (Multi-access Edge Computing) and successfully chaired the ISG during its first two-year term. Nurit played an instrumental role in the creation of the ETSI ISG ZSM (Zero-touch network and Service Management) and serves as the vice chair of the group. With 30 years of experience in the telecommunications industry, Nurit has spent many years working as an expert system architect and technologist, defining the carrier-grade network and service architecture evolution and working on system design. She has contributed to many projects carried out in ETSI, IETF, ITU-T SG15, IEEE and BBF and has participated in core discussions on the Next Generation Network with Tier-1 carriers and a number of governments. Nurit is a contributing author to numerous publications.

During the webinar, Nurit gives updates on work within ETSI MEC and evolutions in the edge computing landscape. 


Said Tabet, Dell Technologies, Board Member OMG, IIC and AECC

Said Tabet is Chief Architect, Intelligent Connected Vehicles, Technology Lead IoT at Dell Technologies with over two and a half decades in the industry, Tabet played the role of a Technology Advisor to large multinational companies. He contributes to technology innovation forums, guides startups through mentorship and coaching. Tabet works on challenges around Industrial IoT, connected vehicles, AI/deep learning, Big Data analytics and security, risk management and semantic data. Tabet is also a member of the Object Management Group (OMG) Board of Directors, Principal EMC Representative to the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) and member of its steering committee, as well as board member of the Automotive Edge Computing Consortium (AECC), a support association of the webinar. During the webinar, he shares insights into driving data to the edge, drawing on work within AECC. 


Gabriel Yuyang, EdgeGallery and Huawei

Gabriel Yuyang is Technical Steering Committee Chair at EdgeGallery and senior technical expert of open source edge computing at Huawei. He has a PhD in electrical electronics from Shanghai Jiao Tong University in China. He has six years' experience in open source community technical design and development experience, LF OPNFV community Bottlenecks project PTL, LF Akraino multi-project maintainer. He is former member of LF OPNFV TSC and test work group chair, LF Edge Board SPC. He has a deep understandings of cloud native, telecom network, edge computing, and testing fields, etc.

During the webinar, Gabriel shares examples of 5G open source and its application in the Industrial Internet of Things (II0T).







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