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Mobile site connectivity applications within last mile 5G/B5G mobile aggregation networks, especially dense urban environments (high traffic/ high site density) services ung mmWave and THz multi-band links, based on wide tunable photonic transceivers, and including SDN management of network and radio resources to enable end-to-end orchestration and supporting slicing.

These applications require the evolution of current radio transport technologies to cope with the exponential traffic growth experienced continuously in mobile aggregation networks, due to high-throughput, low latency "hungry" mobile applications as well as well as forecasted growth of critical services demanding extra availability and latency. TERAWAY system is conceived and designed to meet different radio architectures (centralized or distributed) and scenarios, including mobile urban macro/small cell, FWA networks, private networks as well as temporal high traffic applications as event temp site connectivity. This makes the solution able to be applied to different scenarios, which can be considered enclosed within the broad UC1 definition, including backhaul and fronthaul in public networks, either in permanent or temporal (e.g. events, disaster recovery and emergency) deployments supporting public communications and different enterprise verticals (health, education, government,...) as well as private network environments that might require the setup of a new generation mobile network supporting broadband and critical services.


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