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The Connected Ambulance will act as a connection hub for emergency medical equipment and wearables, enabling real-time streaming to the awaiting emergency department team at the destination hospital.

This prototype advances the emergency ambulance services by developing new collaborative models with healthcare stakeholders to help create improved experiences and outcomes for patients in their care.

Both single and multi-patient scenarios are explored to maximise the impact of 5G technology on patient care.

In terms of 5G functionalities, SLICENET investigates: 

  • Using 5G paradigm including Mobile Edge Computing and customised network slice to meet the demanding secure, real-time, ultra-reliable and low-latency broadband visual communication requirements in this prototype. Sensors and actuators are intelligently managed to provide high Quality of Service (QoS) and Quality of Experience (QoE).

Location: Cork (Ireland)

Date: Q4-2019

Vertical partners: Irish National Ambulance Services facilitated by CIT; health care stakeholders.

Partners involved: Dell EMC, RedZinc 

SLICENET Website@SliceNet_5G

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News publishes white paper: How Europe can accelerate network densification for the 5G ERA has published its White Paper entitled “How Europe can accelerate network densification for the 5G Era”.

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