3GPP SA Rel-18 Workshop Debrief Sept 2021: A vertical perspective

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3GPP SA Rel-18 Workshop Debrief Sept 2021: A vertical perspective

The 3GPP SA Meeting on 9-10 September 2021 set out to bring all working groups up to speed on the status and plans for Release 18. It gave companies the opportunity to indicate, discuss and possibly synchronise on respective plans for Release 18 and prepare for the joint session with RAN and CT on upcoming work during the 3GPP Plenary week. It is important to note that presentations and discussions were for information purposes only with no decision power. 

Expected Focus of Release 18

  • 5G-Advanced is the middle point between 5G and 6G, trying to balance between short-term commercial needs and longer term research and innovations. The typical18-month release cycle may not be sufficient coupled also with difficulties associated with eMeetings imposed by COVID-19 restrictions. 
  • Prioritisation of real 5G network issues based on deployment feedback from the field. 
  • Key enhancements or new market opportunities:
    • eXR, AI/ML-based Services, new services using low latency regarding to QoS.
  • Complete key aspects of existing features:
    • 5WWC, 5MBS, Proximity Services, Edge Computing.

Status and Plans 

The image below gives an example of the current status and plans in SA (Services and System Aspects) WG1 (Services), spanning new features, verticals and non-terrestrial networks, enhancements, with referenced technical specifications: TS 22.261 - Service requirements for the 5G system and TS 22.104 - Service requirements for cyber-physical control applications in vertical domains. For the plans of other WGs, please refer to the slide deck attached. 

Vertical Perspectives

Of the 46 presentations selected, 5 came from verticals and 3 from a group of verticals, with an excellent representation of verticals presenting their priority requirements at the 5G User Workshop - RAN Release 18 for Industry Verticals in June 2021. These include:

  • Maritime: SyncTechno Inc, IALA, KASS, Korean Register
  • Media delivery: BBC, 5G-MAG plus ESA, Qualcomm, Saankhya, ONE Media 3.0, EBU
  • Vehicular industry + passive IoT:  5GAA, BMW Brillance Automotive
  • XR/VR gaming
  • Industrial applications: Siemens
  • Public safety: FirstNet, AT&T, UK Home Office, Netherlands Police, Erillisverkot, SyncTechno Inc, BDBOS, Nkom, BMWi, MINISTERE DE L'INTERIEUR. 

More information on the meeting is available here

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