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5G’s extremely fast bandwidth and ultra-low latency makes mission-critical control possible. This is opening the door for new applications that demand absolute reliability, such as in health care, energy, automated factory processes or autonomous transportation. These capabilities are unattainable with today’s network. 5G will unlock them through multiple rollout phases, starting in 2019, where extensive enlargement and densification of fixed (fibre) and wireless networks are essential for the launch of commercial 5G services. is tasked with helping to pave the path towards the promise of 5G. It does this by helping vertical industries “speak 5G” and shows them how to get on board the all-important standardisation process. In doing so, is flanked by three highly regarded groups of experts. A Task Force with the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP), the Verticals Task Force of the 5G Infrastructure Association, which is a market partner of the 3GPP, and the Advisory Board.

Collectively, we are driving a clear understanding of 5G for industry while lowering entry barriers to standardisation and to the deployment of network densification. We are connecting some of the very best experts for 5G standards through 3GPP and ETSI, and EU-led or based industry associations, spanning automotive (5G Automotive Association), broadcasting (European Broadcasting Union), energy and utilities (European Utilities Telecom Council), industrial internet of things (5G-ACIA), public safety (Public Safety Communications Europe) and satellite as a key enabler of several verticals (EMEA Satellite Operators Association), and experts with cross-vertical experts.

Brian O’Connor

Brian O’Connor chairs the European Connected Health Alliance (ECHAlliance), a Global Connector supporting the entire ecosystem to drive sustainable change and disruption in the delivery of health and social care.

Christoph Thuemmler

Christoph Thuemmler is a specialist for General Internal Medicine, Geriatric Medicine, Emergency Medicine. He has successfully delivered research projects for the European Commission and UK funding bodies.

Mark Roddy

Formerly a Senior Researcher at the Cork Institute of Technology,  over the last twenty years Mark Roddy has been at the forefront of European funded research for next-generation Internet services.

Maxime Flament

Maxime Flament is Chief Technology Officer at 5G Automotive Association

David Lund

David Lund is coordinator of BroadWay, a pre-commercial procurement programme jointly procuring innovative solutions to solve the challenge of pan-European mobile broadband for Public Safety.

Karin Loidl

Karin Loidl has been with Fraunhofer IIS since 2004 and is an experienced, multidisciplinary engineer whose constant goal is to successfully bridge the gap between ideas, research, development, and implementation.

Hamid Falaki

Hamid Falaki is an adviser and consultant in wireless communications with over 20 years of experience in the telecoms technology sector and a background in the energy sector.

Simon Forge

Simon Forge is director at SCF Associates. He is leading a European Commission tender study on network densification for 5G.

News publishes white paper: How Europe can accelerate network densification for the 5G ERA has published its White Paper entitled “How Europe can accelerate network densification for the 5G Era”.

Cloudscape Brazil 2019 – Position Papers from, To-Euro 5G and NetWorld2020 SME Working Group

Cloudscape Brazil 2019 aims to become the playground for EU-BR initiatives drving innovation in ICT through collaborative work between outstanding research institutes, large enterprises and SMEs.