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5G Context for Defence and 5G-VINNI Test Facilities

5G technology promises to take 4G LTE network performance to a whole new level. With its ultra-high data rates and virtually instantaneous transmissions, it will set in motion another digital revolution not only in commercial applications but on the battlefield too. 5G offers the military an opportunity to develop completely new use cases for its operations such as collaborating in an immersive digital space and adaptation of  IT systems.

5G use cases for defence have specific requirements that must be met, such as: 

  • A dedicated and isolated network slide for defence purposes only, including restricted Internet access.

  • Access to sector users through a dedicated defence slice and commercial slice, requiring voice and IMS. 

  • Traffic prioritisation for the defence slice as required, e.g. war, disaster, ensuring that this is dynamic so it only applies when necessary. 

5G-VINNI is helping to accelerate the uptake of 5G in Europe with an end-to-end facility that lowers barriers for industry verticals to pilot their 5G use cases. 

Trial Overview and Goals

In March 2020, 5G-VINNI used the Telenor Facility site to demonstrate network slicing and automation with a focus on the 5G Non-Standalone Core of the Telenor Group and US colleagues from the EMPOWER consortium. This demonstration is an example of how 5G-VINNI is helping to make network slicing and automation a reality. The focus of the demonstration was on the automation of network slices within NFVI, MANO and the customer facing Service Orchestration of a Network Slice-as-a-Service, with the participation also of the Norwegian Matriel Agency (Forsvaret). 

The environment comprises leading-edge components from multiple vendors. 

The goals of the demonstration include: 

  • Giving insights into the importance of Automation for 5G Verticals.

  • Showing how to design different slice types: eMBB, mMTC, URLLC and customised slices and how these can be instantiated for different use cases.

  • Showing how to build up the Virtual Network Functions as grouping of Network Service Descriptors, what interfaces of standard type or plug-ins are required to allow automation in the whole service infrastructure and ecosystem.

  • Deploying and terminating Network Slices as a Service by combining different underlying elemental Network Services available on a common infrastructure rapidly with ‘one click’ using a Service Orchestrator and the Design Time and Run Time processes to allow this to happen.

This example of Slice design for a Defence use case in a distributed architecture with Core and Edge sites gives an example service where Network Slicing and Autonomation is applied in a complex network setup and with a broad range of service levels offered by different Slices types.


The demonstration was performed at the Norway facility site, which is a production size platform part of the overall large-scale 5G-VINNI Facility .

5G-VINNI website | @5gVinni | YouTube Channel


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