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In 2035, when 5G’s full economic benefit should be realised across the globe, a broad range of industries – from transportation to entertainment and education, and everything in between – could produce up to 10.7 trillion euros worth of goods and services enabled by 5G mobile technology. Meanwhile, Europe’s 5G Public Private Partnership (5G PPP) is developing new applications across a diverse set of verticals spanning proofs of concept, prototypes, demonstrations, trials, and pilots in order to validate the functionalities defined for 5G by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) – Enhanced Mobile Broadband, Massive Machine Type Communications, and Ultra Reliable Low Latency Communications – so consumers and sector end users can really know what 5G is all about.

How to use the 5G PPP verticals cartography:

The use-case experiments are taking place in Europe between 2018 and 2020, with more projects coming on board in 2019. You can view the experiments by sector, country, and ITU functionality by clicking on the boxes on the right. New country locations and tests will be added in the future. Meanwhile, enjoy our 5G PPP showcase.

Download our latest fliers: 5G for Automotive: Experiments in Europe


Media & Entertainment

5G TRANSFORMER - Live Streaming

Taking the fan engagement trend to 5G for smarter venue services with targeted and high-quality content, following fans as they move around and giving them contextualized information.

Media & Entertainment

5Gtango: Communications Suite

Enabling the setting-up of videoconferences for multiple participants, supporting chat, group chat, file sharing, desktop sharing and other added-value features. Scalable services, including Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN).

Media & Entertainment

5Gtango: Immersive Media

Capturing live events using a 360° camera at 4K resolution, streaming it to users at home, using VR head mounted displays, desktops or smartphones with enriched, personalized content. 

Media & Entertainment

5G-PICTURE: Mega-Event in stadium

Media services in large venues, using a dedicated 5G-stadium testbed, meeting need for increased density and static-to-low mobility. 

Public Safety

5G ESSENCE: End-to-End Slicing for Mission Critical Applications

Providing the required network/cloud slicing capabilities with dedicated service level agreements for mission-critical applications for enhanced public safety. 

Media & Entertainment

5G ESSENCE: 5G Edge network acceleration for stadium

Delivering benefits to both media producers and mobile operators through enriched event experiences to subscribers.

Media & Entertainment

5GCity: Mobile Backpack Unit for Real-time Transmission

Quality of Service (QoS) and guaranteed bandwidth allocation to Mobile Backpack Units for Real Time Transmission by local broadcasters operating in a city context. 


Media & Entertainment

5GCity: Ultra-high definition Video Distribution and Immersive Services

Developing High-Definition/4K video services, Video 360, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality (VR) services for smart cities with increased service and network performance

Media & Entertainment

5GCity: Video Acquisition and Production with Community media engagement in live events

Deploying a professional broadcasting system in a 5G smart city to support live event scenarios including video content that users can acquire and share from their smartphones.

Smart Cities

5GCity: 5G Neutral Host

Developing, deploying and demonstrating in operational conditions, a distributed fixed and radio infrastructure so an Infrastructure Operator (Neutral Host) can provide separate network slices (multi-tenacy) in a dense indoor or urban area.